Convenient and individual packaging for cigars is today demanded by the smoker more than ever. The cigar in the tube is having a new renaissance and is also fashionable, so it has become quite a trend.The advantages are obvious - in the tube the cigar is almost perfectly protected from contact shocks or damage to the wrapper because, inserted in a sheet of cedar-wood, it can not roll back and forth and also has hardly any of the friction surface found in cigar cases. In addition, it remains well-preserved in the aluminum tube for quite a long time. Last but not least, this form of individual packaging is very handy. A tube fits into every jacket or shirt pocket. However, the opinions split on the question of longer storing. An air supply and circulation of air as in a humidor does not take place in aluminum and glass tubes. In general, this has an influence on the maturation and development of the aromas in the cigar. In the tube, the cigar must manage with the initial air supply and humidification, which at the time of packing is intentionally kept higher than normal.
A lot of tobacco experts therefore recommend opening the tube cap in the humidor, and some cigar traders even take the cigars out of the tubes, store them normally and in addition moisten them before they close them once again and put them on sale. As a result, a preserved tube cigar can be put into the state of initial humidification. This process is of course an extensive one.

by Helmut Romè
Above article was extracted from the European Cigar Cult Journal

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Tube Your Cigar Right Now!
There are different style of aluminium cigar tube as below:


Type 1: Aluminium cigar tube with a thread cap.


Type 2: Double tube style for aluminium cigar tube.

Type 3: Another double tube style for aluminium cigar tube


Type 4: Aluminium cigar tube with a golden ring in the middle